Taratahi in Schools

Level 1, 2, 3 Cost VARIES

Length Up to 37 weeks
Part Time

Course Starting February 2019

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Taratahi's education portfolio for schools has evolved in recent years to meet the agricultural industry's need for a skilled workforce. Taratahi now offers an enhanced, modern approach to learning, aligned to regional opportunities. 

Year 9 and 10

Taratahi offers tailor-made packages to support students, teachers and school curriculum. Support options include on-site practical assistance during class time; field trips to Taratahi farms and stakeholder engagement. The essence of the year 9 and 10 delivery is to encourage engagement at school and foster interest in the Primary Industry sector.

Year 11 and 12 - ncea Level 2

Schools work with our Regional Managers to choose three modules per year (one per term), delivered one day per week at a Taratahi farm. In some cases, Year 12 students attend 2 days per week. Each module offers approximately seven level 2 Unit Standard credits. Year 11 and 12 modules include traditional farming topics such as Fencing and Livestock, plus other primary industry topics such as Beekeeping, Sustainability, Equine and Wool Handling. 

All modules are supported with industry guest speakers and field trips. A broad spectrum of external engagement is sought so students can learn first-hand about the career opportunities available to them. 

Year 13 - ncea Level 3  

Taratahi offers numerous NCEA Level 3 options – all which pathway into multiple opportunities, such as entry level employment or an apprenticeship. These options include one, two or three days delivery per week (students select a second or third programme if a second day is required).

One day per week option (no pre-requisites)

Preparation for Farming – Suited to those students who are thinking of a career in traditional farming.

Preparation for Apiculture - Suited to those students interested in bees and bee keeping. 

Preparation for Equine – Suited to those students thinking of a career in Equine.

Preparation for Fencing – Suited to those students interested in fencing contracting.

Sustainability (Practical) – Suited to  students interested in Conservation, Riparian and the Environment.

All options above pathway to full-time Level 3 qualifications (and onto level 4 and 5 if desired).

One day per week option (Pre-requisite  NCEA Level 2 Maths and English essential with a Science preferred – LNAAT Step 4. UE accredited)

Sustainability (Knowledge based strand) – Suited to those students interested in conservation and the environment, who need to gain University Entrance to continue their career pathway. This programme contains a higher theoretical component and requires a strong foundation of numeracy and literacy. Combining this programme with the Sustainability Practical (two days of delivery per week required) allows students to gain the NZ Certificate Sustainability Level three.

Note: Available from July 2019.

Two day per week option (Pre-requisite  NCEA  Level 2 Maths and English essential with a Science preferred  – LNAAT Step 4)

The two-day Preparation for Farming is a fast track option to level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture. This programme is suited to those students who wish to pursue a career in farming. This programme contains a higher theoretical component and requires a strong foundation of numeracy and literacy.


2019 Taratahi in Schools Prospectus 

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Are you a secondary school student and want to study with us?

Do you like...

► Farming and agriculture?

► Working outdoors?

► Being part of a team? 

► Mucking in?

► Working independently?

Are you working towards NCEA and looking for other study options? 

Speak to your school Careers Advisor and they will discuss options available to you. Your options could include studying one or two days per week on farm, distance learning, block courses, or short courses over a term.    


Are you a secondary school looking for pathways for students?

Delivery Options

Taratahi in Schools offers a variety of delivery options, which include on farm training, flexible timetables and purpose-built courses.

Funding Options

Schools can participate in our programmes through the use of Government funding allocated to schools through STAR and Trades Academy funding. Where funding is capped schools may opt to use alternative funding. 


Email us today with your queries and your nearest regional office will contact you.

Download a sample partnership agreement (MOA) 


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Secondary School Students

School students need to gain approval from their school before applying. Speak to your Careers Advisor. 

Students apply now and we will follow-up with your school.


Secondary Schools - Administrators and Careers Advisors

We are enrolling now for 2019 Taratahi in Schools programmes.


If you want to offer these programmes to your students, contact your nearest regional office to arrange a visit. 

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► Download the 2019 Taratahi in Schools Prospectus

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