New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture

Level 3 Cost $1248.48

Length 36 weeks (delivered in 16 separate modules)
Part Time

Course Starting August, September, October 2018

This programme is ideal for:

  • existing beekeepers wishing to obtain a qualification
  • those wanting to take up 'backyard' beekeeping 
  • employment seekers with no previous experience wishing to obtain entry level skills to help obtain a junior position in the beekeeping industry.

Modules include:  how to construct and repair beehives, seasonal management of bees and hives, re-queening hives, identification and treatment of diseases, shifting beehives and honey extraction.

This programme is open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents only.  No prior academic qualification is required.  Students must be physically fit and be 16 years old or over.

Compulsory Student Services Fee: $130.00.

Topics within this programme may include:

  • Bees and their habitat
  • Bee manipulation
  • Requeening
  • Honey Flow
  • Bee and Hive Health
  • Bee Feeding

Jobs this programme could lead to: