New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture - Dairy Farming (Level 4)

Level 4 Cost From $3537

Length 42 weeks including 6 weeks holiday
Full Time

Course Starting TBC

This programme introduces students to the responsibilities involved in managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of a dairy farm. The programme has two distinct strands: a more theoretical strand where students are introduced to farm management concepts and a practical component where they apply these concepts to their on-farm activities.

The programme exposes students to farm performance, how to identify the performance of their farm and compare this performance to others in the industry. Part of this is financial planning and producing management reports that provide information on the day-to-day activities and milk production of the farm. Alongside this is an emphasis on planning with the development of breeding, nutrition and feeding plans and considerations around maintaining and replacing farm equipment and vehicles. In addition, students consider the environmental impacts of their farming activities and ways to mediate this impact.

On the practical side, students implement their feeding, nutrition and health plans as well as perform maintenance and repairs on farm equipment and vehicles. They engage in the practical activities of running the milking shed dealing with any issues around milk production, quality or dairy cow health/behaviour.

Prior to acceptance to this programme students should have:

•    completed a major course of study with Taratahi or equivalent study (in most cases a level 3, one year programme); or
•    a high level of agricultural knowledge and work experience (at least two years’ industry experience).

Selection of students is considered on a case-by-case 
basis. Students are normally required to complete industry experience before they are awarded this qualification.


Upon completion of this qualification, graduates could follow a management pathway by progressing to a Diploma in Agribusiness at Level 5.

Compulsory Student Services Fee: $240.00.

Jobs this programme could lead to:

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