Friday, 11 January 2019

Information for Taratahi students, including Telford students

Our top priority is ensuring students get the information they need to make decisions about ongoing studies. For current Taratahi students, the education providers on the TEC website offer programmes that are comparable to some of the Taratahi programmes. This includes students studying at the Telford campus. Please note that most of the providers don’t offer residential programmes.

Current Taratahi students can contact providers directly to discuss any transfer, including recognising learning for credit, and study options for 2019. For the full list of providers delivering the programmes you have been studying, follow this link to the TEC website.  

For students currently studying with Taratahi, Taratahi will provide academic transcripts to NZQA so that these can be used to determine recognition of prior learning when you enrol with your new provider.  

Anyone who was intending to study at any of the Taratahi campuses in 2019 can also get in touch with these organisations and we will have more study options available here soon. You can find more information about primary industry training and education on Primary ITO's website and at

If you are employed as an Industry Trainee or a New Zealand Apprentice with Primary ITO and were undertaking some off-job courses with Taratahi please contact Primary ITO directly. They are making alternative arrangements to complete your training.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

My questions are about…..

Who I should contact

Contact details

Alternative study options


Check the TEC website:

0800 601 301

Study records

Taratahi and NZQA

Financial support from StudyLink or Work and Income

Ministry of Social Development:

  • StudyLink
  • Work and Income

StudyLink: 0800 88 99 00

Work and Income: 0800 559 009

Please have your client number handy

Fees Free


0800 687 775

Industry training or NZ apprenticeship

Primary ITO

0800 20 80 20

Fee refunds

Public Trust

Frequently asked questions

I’m receiving student allowance payments – what happens to those now?

If you are currently receiving a Student Allowance or Student Loan Living Cost payments for your study with Taratahi and your study doesn’t finish in 2018, your payments will continue until 18 January 2019 to give you time to consider your options. It’s really important that you make a decision on what you want to do as soon as you can to ensure your financial support continues. If you have any concerns you should contact StudyLink and they can help you.

Where else can I study?

The TEC and NZQA are currently working on identifying potential other study options for current Taratahi students. Information on these options will be on the TEC website as soon as possible.

Do I have to go to one of these other places?

No. If you find an alternative place offering a similar qualification to the one you were studying at Taratahi, you may make your own arrangements to study there instead. If you do wish to approach another place yourself, you should seek advice from StudyLink on how this may affect your fees and financial support.

I have paid fees to Taratahi – what happens to those now?

Taratahi is required to refund the fees for any parts of your course that you haven’t yet completed. You won’t receive a refund for the parts of your course that you have already finished.

If you paid fees using a student loan, any refunded fees for the ‘non-taught’ parts will be paid back to StudyLink to reduce the amount of your loan. This will be listed on your loan statement. If you paid the fees without a student loan, the fees for the non-taught parts will be refunded to you.

I’m a fees-free student at Taratahi – what will happen to me?

If you’re eligible for fees-free study, you won’t be disadvantaged. The TEC and NZQA are currently working on identifying potential study options and, if you complete your studies at another place, the TEC will let your new place of study know what will happen to your fees-free support.

If I'm an industry trainee or a New Zealand apprentice, who do I talk to?

You should contact the Primary Industry Training Organisation (ITO).

I have completed some courses/papers/modules at Taratahi – what will happen to all of this work?

Your new place of study will look at what you did at Taratahi and give you recognition for that work where appropriate. They will have a process for what parts of your course they can recognise.

Your new study provider will want to see your course work and results so please take copies of your results or transcripts when you go to meet them or have them with you when you contact them. Taratahi will also make records of your study available to your new provider.

You will not have to pay additional fees if there is enough evidence that you have satisfactorily completed that learning at Taratahi. If you choose not to continue your studies for now, the portions of your qualifications you have completed may still be recorded by NZQA.

Is there a difference for students who have paid fees to Public Trust and students who have paid via StudyLink?

Public Trust pays your fees to Taratahi, as detailed on your Fee Protect Student Acknowledgement Form, through time-scheduled instalments. If your course does not finish in 2018, or you have not yet started your course, we will still hold some of your fees. Taratahi are entitled to payment for the tuition they have provided and you are then entitled to a refund of the remaining fees in trust. If you paid your fees to Public Trust your refund can be paid to a bank account in your name, or to your new training provider if you have one organised. If you have paid via StudyLink your fees will need to be returned to StudyLink.

I’m enrolled for 2019 but I haven’t started studying at Taratahi yet – what do I do?

Any fees you have already paid will be secured with the Public Trust. Please contact who will be able to help you through the process of getting a fee refund.


If you would like to talk to someone confidentially about how you are feeling, or if you are concerned about someone else, you may like to call:

Lifeline (open 24/7): 0800 543 354

Samaritans (open 24/7): 0800 726 666

Youthline (open 24/7): 0800 376 633. You can also text 234 for free between 8.00am and midnight, or email

Your local Rural Support Trust:   0800 787 254 (0800 RURAL HELP)

And you can also use the resources and contact details available from the Mental Health Foundation