The steps to a careers in Sheep & Beef Farming

Step 1: Farm Hand

Farm Hand 1

Role Description

Assist with day to day operational tasks on farm including animal handling, animal health & welfare and vehicles. Expected to participate safely and effectively in the workplace.

Step 2: Fencer General

Fencer General 2

Role Description

Fencing and general farm work including stock work, tractor driving and any other farm related activities.

Step 3: Shepherd / Stockperson

Shepherd / Stockperson 3

Role Description

Completing and often taking responsibility for day to day tasks on farm. As experience grows, requires less instruction and can react when required.

Step 4: Stock Manager

Stock Manager 4

Role Description

Able to develop, implement and monitor farm plans for livestock health, breeding and benchmark stock performance. Produces regular management reports on day to day activity. Responsible for day to day management of shepherds. Able to analyse information and make recommendations for action.

Step 5: Farm Manager

Farm Manager 5

Role Description

Responsible for meeting farm goals, including all aspects of production, stock, environmental and staff management. Should be involved in the budgeting process but will not set the budget.

Step 6: Sheep & Beef Farm Owner

Sheep & Beef Farming 6

Job Overview

Responsible for meeting overall business goals, including; agreeing farm goals with farm owners, planning, reviewing execution and reporting against the farm goals. Managing farm management. Responsibilities cover all areas including budgeting, targets and resource requirements. May be responsible for multiple farms or be part/full owner of the business.

Sheep & Beef Farm Owner