The steps to a careers in Dairy Farming

Step 1: Farm Assistant

Farm Assistant 1

Step 2: Herd Manager

Herd Manager 2

Role Description

Completing day to day tasks on-farm, often taking responsibility for the running of the dairy shed and other routine tasks.  

Step 3: Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager 3

Role Description

Assist with the management of day to day activities linked to farm production, implementing farm policies and plans.  Including day to day planning and staff management in the absence of the Farm Manager/Owner.

Step 4: Farm Manager

Farm Manager 4

Role Description

Also known as Lower Order Sharemilker.  Responsible for meeting farm goals, including all aspects of production, stock, environmental and staff management.  Should be involved in the budgeting process but will not set the budget.

Step 5: Multiple Owner

Multiple Owner 5

Role Description

Being a partner in a farming operation.  Designed to grow an asset to increase retirement value or take into an equity situation.

Step 6: Dairy Farm Owner

Dairy Farming 6

Job Overview

Responsible for meeting overall business goals, including agreeing farm goals, planning, reviewing execution and reporting against the farm goals.  Managing staff.  Responsibilities cover all areas including budgeting, targets and resource requirements.  May be responsible for multiple farms or be part/full owner of the business.  

Dairy Farm Owner