The steps to a careers in Equine

Step 1: Stable Hand

Stable Hand 1

Role Description

Conduct routine care and safe handling of horses in and around the equine facility under close supervision. Carry out routine minor maintenance of horse paddocks and/or equine facilities under close supervision. 

Step 2: Stable Assistant

Stable Assistant 2

Role Description

Supervised roles as thoroughbred racing assistants, or sport horse stable assistants. Assist with day to day requirements of horses in training. Responsibilities include preparing horses for exercise, in some cases exercising horses (depending on skill level). General care of horses, i.e. feeding, grooming, basic animal health treatments. Preparing horse for and attending competitions/or races. Opportunity to work both nationally and internationally.

Step 3: Stable Manager

Equine 3

Job Overview

Managing stable staff in addition to day to day management of horses in exercise. Responsible for ordering consumables and organising contractors. Greater attendance at races/competition.

Stable Manager