The steps to a careers in Apiculture

Step 1: Junior beekeeper

Junior beekeeper 1

Role Description

The key tasks of the role are:• Assisting with honey harvesting and extraction• Day to day operational support of bee activity, including disease prevention and monitoring• Shifting hives and hive maintenance• Assisting with queen rearing as and when required

Step 2: Commercial apicultural worker

Commercial apicultural worker 2

Role Description

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Step 3: Beekeeper Assistant

Beekeeper Assistant 3

Role Description

Step 4: Assistant Beekeeper

Apiculture 4

Job Overview

Beekeepers look after beehives in apiaries and produce honey, wax, pollen and other products for sale to the public. Beekeepers also provide pollination services to horticultural and seed crop producers.

Estimated Yearly Income

from $30,000.00

Assistant Beekeeper