Taratahi's farms are operated on a commercial basis.  Standard operating procedures have been developed for the farms that adhere to the Animal Welfare Act (1999).  Taratahi uses 'best practice' as outlined in the Codes of Welfare and Codes of Minimum Standards and Recommendation.

Sheep and Beef Farming Operations

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Tautane Station, Hawkes Bay

Tautane Station is located on the East Coast, in Hawke’s Bay, close to Herbertville and approximately 50 minutes from Dannevirke.  Tautane is leased by Taratahi, totals 3,375ha and carries 30,000 sheep and beef stock units primarily as a breeding property.

Hawke’s Bay Campus Farmland

The Hawkes Bay Campus amalgamates three blocks within Hawke’s Bay totalling 150ha, providing students with a variety of farming topography and stock requirements.  A number of local owners in the Hawke’s Bay allow access to their farms with students undertaking roles on these farms that increases their knowledge and skills in a working environment.

Puketapu Farm, Hawke's Bay

Located 15 minutes from campus this 70ha lease block is used as a fattening farm for cattle.  The farm carries approximately 140 Fresian bulls, buying in cross breed steers at weaner stage and targeting them for sale by the following Autumn.  Students experience the adaptations in farming required due to topography changing from sea level flats to rolling hill country. 

Otatara Farm, Hawke's Bay

Students establish basic skills in fencing, agri-vehicles, chainsaws and stock handling on this farm due to it being located right on campus.  The farm encompasses a woolshed and yards enabling students to develop their stock handling and animal health knowledge.  The land is used to carry breeding ewes with the offspring farmed for sale.

Heipipi Farm, Hawke's Bay

Situated 10 minutes north of Napier this 25ha block carries 150 breeding ewes managed similarly to the Otatara block.  This land is used as a run-off block for stock during summer when other farms dry off.  Sheep and cattle yards provide facilities for stock handling and loading out of stock when sold.

Mangarata, Wairarapa

Mangarata is a 518ha breeding and semi finishing farm situated five minutes north-east of Masterton. Comprising of a mix of flat, rolling and medium hill country, the range of topography allows for a broad range of learner experiences.  Mangarata runs over 4,000 stock units and has a maternal breeding system in place focusing on fecundity and weaning weights.  In combination with the sheep flock, Mangarata runs a beef cow operation, where all yearling heifers are mated.

Glenside, Wairarapa

Glenside winters over 7,700 stock units.  The property is located in Gladstone, 20 km south-east of Masterton and 15 minutes from the Wairarapa Campus.  Glenside farms sheep, beef and deer, with approximately 4,000 ewes and two-tooths, 210 beef cows and 350 mixed age breeding hinds, (plus various replacements).  Glenside offers a variety of stock work and general farm duties which provides our students with a myriad of learning opportunities.

Telford, Balclutha

Telford has large commercial scale sheep/beef, dairy, deer and Forestry units with a total land mass of 921ha. The farms aim to perform in the top 25% for their land class and regularly achieve this. The farm is located at the Telford campus, 6km from Balclutha in South Otago.

Dairy Operations

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Waimate West, South Taranaki

Setup in 1917 to illustrate good farming techniques, the Waimate West Demonstration Farm continues to operate with the same purpose today.   The 34ha Demonstration Farm, managed by Taratahi, milks 130 cows through a 16 aside herringbone shed.  Waimate West hosts research trials, such as nitrogen, cropping and once a day milking.  Since 2012 it has also supported agricultural education for Taratahi’s South Taranaki students.

Pukewhai, Wairarapa

This farm is situated within 10 minutes of Pahiatua.  Taratahi’s educational activities are integrated into the farm operations on a regular basis.  The farm comprises of 184ha milking platform of which 163ha is effective.  Taratahi targets to peak milk 460 cows for the 2014/2015 season.

Wairarapa Dairy Unit, Wairarapa

The Dairy Unit is situated on our main campus at Cornwall Road, Masterton. The Dairy Unit milks 615 spring calving cows through a 47 aside herringbone shed. The unit also rears 160 replacement heifers, and a further 80 bull calves through to weaning in a modern calf rearing operation. Students learn a full range of dairy management skills covering calf rearing, stock handling, pasture management, care of young stock and irrigation.​


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Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over Telford campus of Taratahi

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over Telford campus of Taratahi

Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over Telford campus of Taratahi

Information for Taratahi students, including Telford students

Information for Taratahi students, including Telford students

Friday, 11 January 2019

Taratahi Institute of Agriculture (Taratahi) went into interim liquidation at the end of 2018.

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