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Taratahi has a natural synergy with Beef and Lamb New Zealand. We connect with this industry body as both farmers and educators. Beef and Lamb’s People programme includes promoting agricultural careers in schools, training and leadership development for farmers and their staff, and scholarships to support agricultural students.  Working together we aim to increase the number of qualified and skilled workers into the industry.

Dairy NZ

Image altIn 2013 DairyNZ released their Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming 2013 – 2020 which has identified, as a key part to achieving their strategy, the need for talented people. 

Quality sub-degree vocational agricultural education is front and centre in Taratahi’s thinking and actions.  

It is the very reason we (our staff) get out of bed in the morning and it drives our activity every day. We will continue to work to support the achievement of this need.


New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF)

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Taratahi and NZYF work together on a range of fronts: namely hosting the Get Ahead Day in the Wairarapa, participating in as many of the Get Ahead Days around New Zealand as we can, sponsoring prizes at the Teen Ag Grand Final, and being involved in the Grand Final in Auckland, including the Food and You Experience Day, which ran alongside this event.

We encourage all of our graduates to become involved in their local NZYF club and have been actively involved in supporting the Primary Industry Capability Alliance (PICA).  A number of NZYF members have been encouraged to enrol in our Generate Rural Leadership Programme, giving them additional skills to assist them in managing a successful club.

Primary ITO

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Primary ITO and Taratahi are collaborating in Wairarapa and Wellington to maximise agricultural training opportunities in these regions.  Taratahi has been working on behalf of Primary ITO in the Wairarapa since April 2011.  Taratahi is working with farmers, trainees and training providers to ensure the best learning support and opportunities are delivered in the region.




The Latest



Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Taratahi’s latest “try before you buy”residential Taster course in the Wairarapahas filled up faster than ever before.

Wairarapa Graduation 2016

Wairarapa Graduation 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Graduation is a highlight of a student’s life. The annual Taratahi Wairarapa Graduation ceremony is no exception, and is one of the biggest events in the region, with close to 500 people attending.We are delighted to announce that Graduation for our 2016 students will be held on 24 March 2017. We are giving advanced warning of the date to allow parents and students time to book travel to this event.

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